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Battle Of The Bands - Covina, CA © 2011: I took photos of three bands out of five because that was all the time I had for (I was underwhelmed with one band). I'm also friends with the singer of State The Obvious. Also, State The Obvious got first place and Dihverscity got second place in the battle!

State The Obvious:​ges/State-the-Obvious/1080​78302575918

DihverscityDihverscityDihverscityDihverscityDihverscityDihverscityDihverscityDihverscityDihverscityDihverscityDihverscityDihverscityDihverscityDihverscityDihverscityDihverscityDihverscityDihverscityState The ObviousState The Obvious